#50 Mystery Shopper List

Thanks for mystery shopping our car wash.
Your honest feedback will help us serve others as we should.

1) Did the facility appear open?
2) Were the driveways and flower beds clean?
3) If you had to wait on the attendant, did they apologize or say thanks for waiting?

4) Did they use both hands to guide you on and point?

5) Did they say “Neutral-No Brake” loud enough for you to hear?
6) Were they on the phone, eating, or smoking?
7) Did they have a Speedy vest or shirt or both on?

8) Did they say “Thank you” or “Have a good day”?

9) If you had a special request, did they    seem unhappy about it?

10) Was the vacuum area clean?

11) Did the vacuum work well?

12) Did you see window cleaner bottle for your use?

Any comments?

Please email results: ContactSpeedy@gmail.com Put on the email #1-#12 with y or n or na.

Plus the date and time and location you went through.We will be able to detemined your attendant by our schedule.

Our staff will either receive a $25 bonus for doing well or be retrained. If you wish to see our efforts to train, check out our training blog at: http://www.jimmymbranch.wordpress.com.


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