#28 A $30, $300 or $3,000 mistake…please, please read.

A $30, $300 or $3,000 mistake...please, please read.

The tips of antennas must be smooth, no bends, twists, ribbons, flags, or mickey mouse. If not take off the antenna.
If not, the brushes can grab that antenna so hard it will either:
1) Break the antenna $30. 2) Bend the antenna and pull up the fender $300 or 3) Break the antenna…stay in the brush and scratch every vehicle until you hear the noise and stop it. ALL THREE EVENTS HAVE HAPPENED

If you can’t get this antenna off…warn the customer what could happen and if they want to wash it “at their risk”…WALK THRU THE CAR WASH WITH THAT VEHICLE until it passes the last brush!!!!!!!!


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