#4 Loose trim on toyota suv

Loose trim on toyota suv

Please tape down any loose trim or moldings, especially if
it is loose on the leading edge (towards the front). Always
keep duct tape at your console.

We lost a customer forever over a piece of this trim. Here’s how it
happened. Because the attendant didn’t inspect this vehicle closely,
a piece of this trim came off in the wash. That piece was crushed by
the next vehicle that passed. After I inspected the vehicle I told the
customer I was not going to replace the piece. He had scratches down all
the sides (had been out in the woods a bunch). He had several of the parts that
were only partial adhered (like the piece in the pic). The silicone evident in the
pic shows that someone had been trying to fix a previously existing problem. Silicon
is not a factory method of attachment. Besides all that, the trim was no longer available
from the Toyota dealer and would have been a $1,200 complete kit if it was.

Anyway it got very ugly and took a lot of my time and the customer’s to no avail. All of
which could have been avoided if our attendant had found the loose parts before the wash
and taped/warned them.


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