#3 2002-2005 Explorer, Mountaineer, Avaitor

2002-2005 Explorer, Mountaineer, Avaitor

Manufacturer defect. Tell customer to check out;
carcomplaints.com. Part will eventually crack on everyone…eventually blow off going down road or
even blown off by our blower. Neither Ford or
Speedy will take responsibility.

Please warn/inform customer of the mfr defect. I had to go to court for the second time
ever over not paying for fixing one of these. Because one blew off at the beach, Speedy fixed one, when I was out of town and before we learned about the issue. It cost us $500. The next one blew off
at Callaway and the customer wanted a complete replacement even tho there was a class action suit against
Ford. He lost the case with me.


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